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    4. An industry leading company in developing and manufacturing Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units and Real-time Imaging Systems.
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      DTS-ISX smart MPI Yokes are battery-powered, especially suitable for the magnetic particle inspection of internal structure of boilers and pressure vessels, aerial work, eliminating the need of setting AC power, and improving the safety level. The unit comes with a special equipment bag, which can also store accessories such as magnetic supplies, power supply along with the detector.
      The Yoke comes with video recording module, and is able to record high quality video or still picture throughout the inspection. The unit is in compliance with “JB/T7411-2012 Non-destructive testing equipment: Magnetic Particle Inspection Requirements”

      Can simply connect to AC220V power supply and carry out the inspection.
      When using the magnet yoke probe with the main unit connected, the efficiency of non-destructive inspection ability using inverter power source can match the one using the traditional AC power.
      Battery component is equipped with overcharge, over-current, over discharge, over-temperature protection features, and is able to display the remaining battery power in real time.
      The system can automatic power off when the lift test power is insufficient to protect the equipment.
      LED automatically lit when the white light on the testing surface is not less than 2000Lux.

      Technical Specifications:

      SensitivityClean    display of the 15% mark on the Type A standard testing stripe; In compliance    with NB/T47013-2015 requirements
      Yoke Poles Distance35-210mm    (Adjustable)
      Yoke Weight1.6kg    (Inc. Joints)
      Main Unit WeightApprox.    1kg
      Main Unit Dimensions58×96×150mm
      Battery Life7H (14H    for the upgraded model DTS-IA)
      Lift PowerAC/Invertor:    7kg (68N) Lift Power: Meets NB/T47013-2015 Requirements
      Camera Resolutions5M

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